What Other Parents Have Shared...

When people find this website, sometimes they forward articles, information, and spiritual notes that may be helpful to some of you. We all come from different places - cultures, races, economic realities - but we have a common thread - we are here because we want to KNOW and to LEARN and to LOVE the person in our life who has shared something extraordinary. Let us know if any of this was a help to you, won't you?

"The Son God Gave Me" 

Really wonderful article published by Woman's Day - Written by Gena Kentopp, as told to Barry Yeoman, November 29, 2015. 




A lovely woman in the UK, Barbara, shares from her scrapbook of prayers and devotions.  "Through the Lattice" is one we hope to link to eventually - for now, here is one that is especially nice to remember about parental love.

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